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Okinawa Fucoidan Series

Target Users
Suitable for cancer patient, tumor patient, people who suffer in cancer, tumor, serious illness, and imbalanced health.

Main Efficacy
Enhance immune system, neutralize free radical, and reduce chemoradiotherapy side effect (particularly suitable for cancer and tumor patients)

* Note: Fucoidan products are health supplements not medicines, consumption will not cause side effects under normal circumstances. Please take special caution if allergic to sea weed food. Please consult your doctors whenever in doubts. 
* Note: Fucoidan products contain abundant amount of plant dietary fiber, which helps to produce more and softer stool, and this is a normal effect.
* Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, avoid storing in high temperature and high humidity places. After package opened, consume as soon as possible. 
* Shipping fee: Shipping fee is included for delivery to China Mainland, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. For other countries, shipping fee will be estimated case-by-case.

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Okinawa Fucoidan Capsule

Packaging: 298mg x 180 Tablets

Sales price: HK$ 1330.00

Super Fucoidan

Packaging: 100ml x 30 Packets (Liquid)

Sales price: HK$ 1330.00

Okinawa Fucoidan Capsule

Packaging: 300mg x 150 Capsules

Sales price: HK$ 930.00

Nano Fucoidan

Packaging: 60 Packets

Sales price: HK$ 4500.00
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