Bestrade Worldwide

Bestrade Worldwide was found in 1998. In China, Hong Kong, and Macau, it is the sole distributor of healthcare products from Okinawa Kanehide Group.

The company focuses on the natural balance of human beings to be good beings, and when you, as the customer, experience the products, you can also experience the health and the happiness that accompanies.

Bestrade Worldwide actively seeks for opportunities in developing the huge and full-of-potential Asia market, and is inviting you to participate:

  • Raw materials harvesting and ingredients extracting, all from Okinawa
  • Semi-product production (including powder, granule, capsule, liquifiy)
  • OEM product production as per your requirement
  • Trading of healthcare products and delivery within Asia

Please contact us for more details.

Tel: +852 2713 3111 Fax: +852 2713 1222
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