52 year-old / Breast Serious Disease, metastases to bone plate
The patient was treated in two surgeries but relapsed for three times. Treatment with three common cancer drugs caused hair loss all around the body. After taking Fucoidan, the patient experienced a great reduction of side effects, and tumor was grown smaller in a short period oftime.

64 year-old / Late Stage of Gastric Serious Disease
Most parts of the patient body were infected by cancer, leading to handicap in foot. The patient decided not to undergo any surgey, and after taking Fucoidan, bad cells are reduced, and now the patient can walk alone to show a very good progress in the treatment.

49 year-oldHepatitis B-induced Liver Serious Disease
After taking Fucoidan, patient's liver function is largely improved, health conditions (in terms of physical and psychological conditions) showed continued improvement,  while statistics on cell health showed improvements were as expected in test results. 

48 year-old / Cervical Serious Disease, metastasis to bone plate 
After diagnosed with cancer metastasis, patient began to take Fucoidan. The side effects of chemotherapy are significantly reduced, while the important CA125 index plummeted to greatly surprise the attending doctor. 

73 year-old/ Late Stage of Gastric Serious Disease
Doctors estimated the patient and deduced only a two-month life was left. After taking Fucoidan for 10 days, appetite was resumed; after taking Fucoidan for 1 month, physical strength was increased; After taking Fucoidan for 3 months, health condition was almost back to normal.

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