TAF Chronotherapy : New Hope for Cancer Patients 


Even with the ever-advancing medical technology, cancer still causes fever among everyone, and the traditional methods of treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, efficacy varies with different types of cancers, while the side effects unavoidably let patients suffer.


Two to four o'clock in the morning: the fastest growth of cancer cells

Authoritative Japan oncologist Dr. Abe Hiroyuki said that so-called "time difference therapy", which uses the body's biological clock (Body Clock) targeted treatment and medication, to achieve the desired treatment effect, and "TAF time difference therapy" is built on the body's immune characteristics of the system and the cancer cells biological clock differences, through taking nutrients to treat cancer. The operation of the biological clock in the human body is affected by the physical laws, in different periods have their performance. For example, exposure to morning light from the retina begin, the body will begin so-called "first clock"; this time the "master clock gene" will use the information to sympathetic and hormonal "peripheral clock", when start eating breakfast or add nutrients After evoked so-called "second clock", therefore the biological clock through correspondence to diet, helps improve metabolism, exercise and sleep quality, and in a similar manner in Japan, known as "dynamic physiological nutrition."


In fact in addition to the body with a biological clock, the cancer cells have their biological clock. Dr. Abe Hiroyuki pointed out that both large (> 750mm3), medium (250 mm3 - 750 mm3), small (<250 mm3) of tumor volume, and its evening growth rate than in the daytime fast, especially 2:00 to 4:00, and chemotherapy medication for anti-tumor effect of the survey also found that the effectiveness of the greatest night of drugs, biological clock should be visible due to medication, to help fight cancer.


Three key periods of cancer growth

In the study of the mutual influence of human cancer cells under physiological clock, Dr. Hiroyuki Abe made a special significance for the treatment of cancer three important moments.



Morning: vascular proliferation of cancer cells

Morning is the time to generate new blood vessels of cancer cells, and the nascent tiny blood vessels will lead to tumor growth, it should suppress the proliferation of tumor blood vessels.


Noon: immunity trough

All the way down the body's immune system after noon, to the lowest in the evening, decreased immunity to allow the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, so this period should enhance immunity, activation of anti-tumor immune cells.


Evening: Growth of Tumor

Cancer most active at night, the growth rate is almost 10 times during the day. This period should be increased to inhibit cancer cells and induce apoptosis in cancer cells.


TAF: three anti-cancer nutrients

"TAF time difference therapy" is characteristic for more than three hours and presented food therapy, advocate at the most appropriate time to give the patient medication, so as to enable different anticancer was play the best effect, and "TAF" is Okinawa three kinds each with a unique anti-cancer effect of plant short.


T: Okinawa autumn turmeric (Okinawa Turmeric), offers anti-angiogenesis function (administer in the morning);

A: Okinawa Agaricus blazei (Okinawa Agaricus), helps strengthening the immune system to target cancer cells (administer at noon);

F: Okinawa fucoidan (Okinawa Fucoidan), induces cancer cells natural apoptosis (administer at night).


Dr. Hiroyuki Abe explained, TAF Chronotherapy with the traditional therapy of different cancer treatment method, it is possible without affecting normal cells to help patients control the rate of diffusion of cancer cells, as well as reduction of tumor volume, and finally make the natural apoptosis of cancer cells. At the same time, this therapy does not contain any ingredients and pharmaceuticals conflicting, so can also be used alone and traditional healers at the same time, the anti-cancer treatment to alleviate the damage caused to the body. He also mentioned that nutrients with nanotechnology will be the new weapon to treat cancer, because the existing TAF nanocapsules have been able to pass through the surface of the pores of cancer blood vessels, and the drug is released into nearby normal tissues directly have an effect on tumor , and thus more effective treatment of cancer.

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